St. Bridget of Sweden — Widow October 8

Bridget was born of the Swedish royal family. She was married and brought up her eight children in a holy way. One of them became St. Catherine of Sweden.

Who shall find a valiant woman? Far and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her. The heart of her husband trusteth her, and he shall have no need of spoils. She will render him good and not evil, all the days of her life. — Epistle, Book of Wisdom 31

The Imitation of Christ
Prepare thyself to suffer many adversities, and diverse evils, in this miserable life; for so it will be with thee, wherever thou art, and so indeed wilt thou find it, whersoever thou hide thyself.
The mother of a large family, St. Bridget became a great saint by doing her duties well. Her duties were principally those of a faithful wife and good mother. She did this so successfully that her eight children are honored as saints. She herself became a nun after her husband died and her children had all been provided for.
As the year goes on you will find that among the saints are mothers of large families, farmers, monks, merchants, soldiers, students, boys and girls in the fourth grade, seventh grade, and high school. Do each duty today as if you were a finished saint and did not want to spoil your record; then, keep that up tomorrow and do not ruin things the day after. You may die the day after tomorrow and you will be very glad for two days of saintliness.
As the tree falleth, so shall it lie. — Our Savior