St. Bruno — Confessor October 6

St. Bruno was gifted both by nature and by grace. He renounced positions of honor and preferment to live a life of retirement and penance in a wild solitude called the Chartreuse, where he founded the Carthusian Order.

Very humbly, we implore, O Lord, the succor of the prayers of St. Bruno, Thy Confessor; by our evil deeds we have deeply offended Thy Majesty; may his merits and intercession win for us Thy forgiveness. — Collect of the Feast

The Imitation of Christ
Look upon the lively examples of the Holy Fathers, in whom shone real perfection and the religious life, and thou wilt see how little it is, and almost nothing, that we do. Alas, what is our life, if it be compared with theirs!
Some people are intended to be leaders, others followers. The success of the scheme depends upon each person playing his proper role. The successful tragedian would probably make a mess of things if he attempted controlling the lights. St. Bruno was intended to live the life of a leader. Those men who fell into their role as his followers have become saints.
Study your own case today. Can you take direction from others, even of your own age and position? When you assume leadership in any enterprise, can you get response from others without “bossing” them? If you want a test for possible leadership in yourself, find out if it is very easy for you to obey.
Neither can he successfully command who has not learned willingly to obey. — Imitation