St. Canute — King and Martyr January 19

St. Canute administered justice and enacted laws without respect to persons. To the virtues which constitute a great king, Canute added those which prove the great saint. He met death at the foot of the altar while kneeling in prayer.

O God, Who for the glory of Thy Church, didst vouchsafe to honor the blessed King Canute, by bestowing upon him the crown of martyrdom, and by the working of mighty miracles, grant, we beseech Thee that, walking in his footsteps, we may ever follow our suffering Lord, and thereby deserve to enter into everlasting joy.

The Imitation of Christ
What canst thou see anywhere that can last under the sun?
When the courtiers tried to flatter this king, he put them to shame in the manner you have read in the English history.
Watch yourself today to see if ever you say things about yourself merely to draw out compliments from listeners. Don’t say complimentary things to others either, unless you never say the contrary about them.
Flattery, like a two-edged sword, wounds him that gives and him that takes.