St. Casimir — King March 4

In an atmosphere of luxury, this young prince fasted, wore a hair shirt, slept upon the bare earth, prayed by night, and watched for the opening of the church doors at dawn. His love for our Blessed Lady is expressed in a beautiful hymn. Numberless miracles testify to his sanctity.

Being made perfect for a short space, and full of piety and good works, he foretold the day of his own death, and gathering around him a choir of priests and monks, he rendered his soul into the hands of the God Whom they were praising upon the fourth of March in the year of our Lord 1482, the twenty-fifth of his own age. — Matins, Sixth Lesson

The Imitation of Christ
O Lord, my God, Thou hast created me to Thine own image and likeness, grant me this grace, which Thou hast shown to be so great, and so necessary to salvation, that I may overcome my most corrupt nature which draweth me to sin and to perdition.
The life of this saint is so fascinating, so charming that you must read it in its entirety. You have a Pictorial Lives of the Saints at home, read it there or ask for the copy in your school library.
Notice how very lovely the influence of Our Lady is on the saints especially devoted to her. There is a certain gallantry that nothing else can give about those who love our Lady very truly.
Queen of all Saints, pray for us.