St. Catherine of Alexandria

November 25

Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints

St. Catherine of Alexandria
St. Catherine of Alexandria

Catherine was a noble virgin of Alexandria. Before her Baptism, it is said, she saw in vision the Blessed Virgin ask her Son to receive her among His servants, but the Divine Infant turned away. After Baptism, Catherine saw the same vision, when Jesus Christ received her with great affection, and espoused her before the court of heaven. When the impious tyrant Maximin II came to Alexandria, fascinated by the wisdom, beauty, and wealth of the Saint, he in vain urged his suit. At last in his rage and disappointment he ordered her to be stripped and scourged. She fled to the Arabian mountains, where the soldiers overtook her, and after many torments put her to death. Her body was laid in Mount Sinai, and a beautiful legend relates that Catherine having prayed that no man might see or touch her body after death, angels bore it to the grave.


The constancy displayed by the Saints in their glorious martyrdom cannot be isolated from their previous lives, but is their natural sequence. If we wish to emulate their perseverance, let us first imitate their fidelity to grace.

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St. Catherine was able to outargue the most learned men of her time and succeeded in bringing a number of them to Christ. Angels carried her body to the top of Mt. Sinai.

After her shall virgins be brought to the King: her neighbors shall be brought to thee with gladness. — Gradual, Psalm 14

The Imitation of Christ
I am He Who teacheth men knowledge, and Who giveth a more clear understanding to little ones than can be taught by man. He to whom I speak will quickly be wise and will profit greatly in spirit.
You must know the life of this saint. You cannot appreciate some of the loveliest art pictures, nor some lovely poems unless you know St. Catherine; most of all, you would miss knowing one of the most charming patrons of students.
Get the Catholic Encyclopedia and read the life of St. Catherine of Alexandria. No more need be said; you will know what to do after you have read her life.
Virtue and science.