St. Catherine of Siena April 30

In her childhood, St. Catherine chose Jesus for her Spouse. Subjecting her delicate body to severe mortifications, her only support during prolonged fasts was Holy Communion. She received the stigmata from her Crucified Lord. It was by her persuasion that Gregory XI left Avignon to return to Rome.

In the virginal fragrance of the virtues of blessed Catherine, whose feast day we are keeping, together with the Saving Victim to be laid upon Thine altar, may our prayers, O Lord, mount on high to Thee. — Secret

The Imitation of Christ
I am He that in an instant elevateth the humble mind to comprehend more reasons of the eternal truth than if anyone had studied ten years in the schools.
She was a member of a very large family, which was probably one of the main reasons for her sanctity. Boys and girls who have many brothers and sisters learn at home to be unselfish, to be kind, to be forebearing, which virtues an only child does not learn so readily.
Perhaps you are very courteous and gentle with strangers and friends but cross and pettish with your brothers and sisters at home. Resolve to be on your best manners at home where nothing can be too good for those who love you as only they do.

Whatever brawls disturb the street, there should be peace at home;

Where brothers dwell and sisters meet, quarrels should never come.