St. Catherine of Sweden March 22

St. Catherine was the daughter of St. Brigid. Even as a child she was remarkable for her love of God. She was married to Egard, a man of great virtue. By a holy emulation they encouraged one another in doing good. St. Catherine accompanied her mother on pilgrimages and practices of devotion and prayer,

Come, O My chosen one, and I will establish My throne in thee, for the King hath greatly desired thy beauty. — First Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
I confess, therefore, my unworthiness; I acknowledge Thy bounty; I praise Thy goodness; and I give Thee thanks for Thy exceeding love.
This dear saint was a member of a very holy family. She did her duty day for day, nothing extraordinary, just her duty, but she did it extraordinarily well; that made the difference.
Now that Lent is advancing so rapidly to its close, make up for lost time, though really that cannot be done. All you can do now is to make extra efforts to counterbalance the opportunities you have let slip by without using them to advantage.
Time lost is lost forever.