St. Celestine — Pope April 6

St. Celestine’s reign is noteworthy for the condemnation of the heretic Nestorius. It was St. Celestine who sent St. Germanus to Britain and St. Paladius to Scotland. Many authors of the life of St. Patrick say that that apostle likewise received his commission to preach to the Irish from St. Celestine.

Let all those that put their trust in Thee rejoice, O Lord, for Thou hast blessed the righteous; Thou has compassed him with Thy favor as with a shield. — Second Nocturn: Second Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Study, therefore, so to live now, that in the hour of death thou mayest be able rather to rejoice than to fear.
St. Celestine was a Pope whose whole reign was a continual combat against heresy, but the saint was undaunted, his only object being truth and right.
When about to do or not to do certain things, never let the thought “What will people say?” influence your decision. The only thing that ever counts is “What is right in this case and what will God think?”
Know you’re right; then go ahead.