St. Charles Borromeo

November 4

Character Calendar

Created a Cardinal when only 23 years old, St. Charles was one of the most prominent figures in affairs of the Church. Though a prince of the Church, he devoted much of his time to the poor and sick. The city of Milan will never forget his charity during the great plague.

O thou priest and bishop, thou worker of mighty works, thou good shepherd over God’s people, pray for us unto the Lord. — Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
If thou aim at and seek after nothing else but the will of God and the neighbor’s benefit, then shalt thou enjoy interior liberty.
While St. Charles was bishop, the great plague visited Milan. He led the procession in a garb of penance and prayed God to stop the plague. His prayer was heard.
You have certainly thought, if not said “I’ve prayed and prayed and I don’t get anywhere.” Have you? How much effort have you made in the meantime to overcome some of your little “meannesses” or to do little penances to merit God’s attention? Try that on one thing you want very badly and see how well it works.
Lord that I may see!