St. Christina — Virgin and Martyr July 24

St Christina was the daughter of a rich and powerful nobleman. After Christina became a Christian she took the golden idols of her father, broke them into small pieces and distributed them among the poor. Her infuriated father inflicted torture after torture upon her, but God preserved her miraculously. She was finally put to death by her fathers successor.

Let the proud be ashamed, because they have done unjustly toward me; but I will be employed in Thy commandments, in Thy justifications, that I may not be confounded. — Communion

The Imitation of Christ
For with God not anything, how trifling soever, suffered for God’s sake, shall go unrewarded.
St. Christina was whipped with rods, torn with iron hooks, fastened to the rack, thrown into the sea, but God showed in her how He protects His own. No harm came to her.
Why worry? Trust Divine Providence. Nothing can happen to you but by God’s will and permission. If you are living the right kind of life, all will be well in the end no matter how dark things may seem at times.
Even the hairs of your head are counted.