St. Claude — Confessor September 7

St. Claude was a prince of the royal family of France. To insure his salvation he entered a monastery and became a saint.

Blessed are those servants whom the Lord, when he cometh, shall find watching. — Gospel, Luke 12

The Imitation of Christ
Thy welfare therefore, lies not in obtaining and multiplying any external things, but rather in condemning them, and utterly rooting them out of thy heart; which I would not have thee to understand only with regard to money and riches, but also with regard to the ambition of honor, and the desire of empty praise; all which things pass away with the world.
By special Providence, Claude was spared when robbing princes killed his two brothers. He fled to the desert and became a very holy monk, wishing no one to know of his royal descent.
Have you ever stopped long enough to think that it was a special mercy that you were born of Catholic parents, that you may attend a Catholic school? Take time to realize vour privilege and show by your conduct that you are grateful for your Faith.
And they shall be my people and I shall wear them as the apple of my eye. — Holy Scripture