Ss. Cyril and Methodius — Bishops and Confessors July 7

These two saints were brothers. To them belongs the glory of having converted the Slavs. They invented writing for their language and translated the Scriptures in the idiom of which they are considered the authors.

God is wonderful in His saints: the God of Israel is He Who will give power and strength to His people: Blessed be God. — Offertory

The Imitation of Christ
The glory of the good is in their own consciences, and not in the mouth of men. The joy of the just is from God and in God and their rejoicing is in the truth.
These two saints promised under oath to persevere in the Roman Catholic Faith. Their own deep faith and personal love for Christ made it easy for them to convert others. Consider the gift of faith one of your most priceless possessions.
Not only today but every day make a fervent act of faith. Thank God with all your heart for making you a Catholic and live like one.
If your faith were but as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain: Remove from hence hither and it shall remove.