St. Denis and Companions — Martyrs October 9

St. Denis was the first bishop of Paris. No sacrifice was ever too great for him when there was question of the good of souls. He is one of the fourteen Auxiliary Saints.

Let the people show forth the wisdom of the saints, and the Church declare their praise; and their names shall live unto generation and generation. — Introit, Ecclesiasticus 44

The Imitation of Christ
Turn all occasions to thy spiritual profit, so that all the good examples thou mayest see or hear of may stir thee up to imitate them.
This saint is a great patron of the French. He was the first bishop of Paris. After laboring among the people there for a long time, he was martyred by the pagans whom he had hoped to convert.
Do you find it hard to have people misinterpret your best intentions and say horrid things about you when you have meant very well? Cheer up; you have never been put to death by people for whom you are giving your life.
You have not resisted unto blood. — St. Paul