St. Dominic — Confessor August 4

St. Dominic truly belonged to the Lord, as his name suggests. He is the founder of the Dominican Order. His days were spent in bringing others to know Christ, most of his nights were spent in prayer. God’s blessing rested upon all he did.

O Almighty God, vouchsafe, we beseech Thee, to us who are under the patronage of Blessed Dominic, Thy confessor, the lightening of the load of sin which bears us down. — Postcommunion

The Imitation of Christ
Saints and friends of Christ, they served our Lord in hunger and thirst, in cold and nakedness, in labor and weariness, in watchings and fastings, in prayers and holy meditations, in frequent persecutions and reproaches.
It was to St. Dominic that the Blessed Virgin taught the use of the Rosary. Armed with this weapon against the powers of evil St. Dominic conquered sin and heresy and converted many.
The Rosary is made up of the most beautiful prayers we have. The Our Father, that perfect prayer taught by our Lord Himself, the Angel Gabriel’s Message to the Blessed Virgin, and all the other prayers of the Rosary are truly a crown of heavenly roses to be offered our Lady. Say your rosary today making every prayer a rose by the love and devotion with which you say it.
Do well whatever thou dost.