St. Dorothy — Virgin and Martyr February 6

Because St. Dorothy preferred death to sacrificing to the gods she was condemned to torture and death. On the way to execution a lawyer asked her to send him apples and roses from the garden of her Spouse. The saint promised to do so. Shortly before her death a child stood by his side bearing three apples and three roses. The lawyer became a convert and died for his faith.

Come Bride of Christ, and take the everlasting crown which the Lord hath prepared for thee. — Vespers: Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Give me courage to resist, patience to endure, and constancy to persevere.
Like St. Agatha whose feast we had yesterday, St. Dorothy died a martyr for her faith and virtue.
In the Catholic Encycopedia you will find an account of the life and martyrdom of this charming saint. Read it today and you might, if you are eager to do good to your fellow men, ask to give a report on your reading at the general assembly.
Blessed be God in His Angels and in His saints.