St. Elizabeth — Queen and Widow July 8

A daughter of Peter III, King of Aragon, she inherited the name and virtue of her great aunt, St. Elizabeth of Hungary. She bore with great patience the grief caused by a jealous and faithless husband. Her meekness and forbearance made her a power in settling quarrels and disputes.

She hath opened her mouth to wisdom and the law of clemency is on her tongue. Her children rose up and called her blessed: her husband praised her. — Epistle

The Imitation of Christ
Great tranquillity of heart hath he who careth neither for praise nor blame.
St. Elizabeth heard Mass every day and prepared by severe austerities for her frequent Communions. But her devotions were so arranged that they did not interfere with the duties of her state.
Even one Mass has infinite value. The privilege of being present with Christ and His Blessed Mother on Calvary is yours for the effort of getting up in time and going to church. One of your sweetest consolations at the hour of death will be the Masses you assisted at fervently.
Lord, increase my faith.