St. Elphege — Archbishop April 19

When the Danes sacked the city of Canterbury, St. Elphege was carried off in expectation of a large ransom. St. Elphege would not permit his people to raise the ransom money but preferred to remain in prison rather than deprive the poor of the little they had. In fury the Danes put him to death.

For lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrows in the quiver, that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart. — Matins, Psalm 10

The Imitation of Christ
Let the least be to thee as something very great, and the most contemptible as a special favor.
St. Elphege was taken prisoner and when his friends wished to raise money to buy his freedom, he chose rather to remain in a dungeon than to impoverish still more the poor.
The poor are easily imposed upon. When someone tells you of how cleverly he fooled this or that person and “they never knew it,” if you have not courage enough to express your contempt, at least, do not show your approval; and — don’t ever do the same.
Oppression of the poor — a sin crying to heaven for vengance.