St. Epiphanius — Archbishop May 12

The guiding principle of this saint’s life expressed in his own words was this: “God gives not the kingdom of heaven, but on condition that we labor; and all we can do bears no proportion to such a crown.”

The world and all its boasted good,

As vain and passing, he eschewed;

And therefore, with angelic bands,

In endless joys forever stands.

— Lauds, Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
A lover of Jesus and the truth, a true interior person, who is free from inordinate affections, can freely turn himself to God, elevate himself above himself in spirit, and enjoy a delightful repose.
A very zealous monk, he spent most of his time in the desert. Though a very learned man himself, he chose a guide in spiritual matters, St. Hilarion, and lived entirely by his direction.
Can anybody “tell you anything”? Or do you know very well how to take care of yourself? When people boast of the ability to take care of themselves, they usually betray their helplessness.
Few know how much one must know to know how little one knows.