St. Etheldreda — Abbess June 23

Much against her will, this saint was obliged to marry. Upon the death of her first husband, she was forced into a second marriage. After some years she obtained her husband’s consent to retire from the world. A miracle testified to the wisdom of her choice, showing that God approved and accepted her former sacrifices.

God hath chosen her, and fore-chosen her. — Matins, Verse

The Imitation of Christ
Hold fast this short and perfect word; Forsake all, and thou shalt find all: relinquish desire, and thou shalt find rest.
Though Etheldreda would have preferred the life of a nun, she was obliged to marry a king of the Mercians. After his death, she thought to be allowed to live as she had so long desired, but she was pressed to marry a second time; however, with the consent of her second husband, she was permitted to enter a convent.
Resignation to the ordinances of Providence makes it easier to bear the little hardships that come our way.
Be it done unto me according to Thy word.