St. Eucherius — Bishop February 20

In order to raise money for war, Charles Martel often stripped the churches of their revenue. St. Eucherius reproved these encroachments with so much zeal that Charles banished him to Cologne. The saint was received int o this city with great rejoicing. Charles ordered him taken to Liege. Here the governor was so charmed with the saint that he made him his chief almoner.

By his manly chastity, by his sternly noble temperance, by the graceful courtesy which marked him, he drew all men’s love to God. — Matins, Fifth Lesson

The Imitation of Christ
My God and my all! To one that understandeth sufficient is said; to one that loveth, to repeat it often is delightful.
Martel, the Hammerer of heretics, in spite of all the good he had done for the Church, could not infringe on the rights of that Church, while St. Eucherius was about.
One of the greatest difficulties in the world today is the readiness with which people will yield to any demands for money. Would you? What do you think, for instance, of men who accept great sums of money to deceive the government? Would you do it?
Honesty is the best policy.