St. Eulalia — Virgin and Martyr December 10

“All this you will escape if you will but touch a little salt and frankincense with the tip of your finger.” This remark was made to St. Eulalia after she had been shown instruments of torture. Without hesitation she chose rather to sacrifice her life than to deny her God.

Virginity is not to be praised because it is a grace which is poured forth in martyrs, but because it is a grace which maketh martyrs. — Matins, Fourth Lesson

The Imitation of Christ
If thou hadst a good conscience, thou wouldst not much fear death. It were better to shun sin than to fly death.
This saint was a friend of St. Leocadia whose feast we had yesterday. That is a test for the right kind of friendship, mutual inspiration to right.
You call some people your friends, of course. Take just a second or two to think this thing out. Why are you a friend of so-and-so and not of so-and-so? You know the old adage: Tell me with whom you go and I shall tell you who you are.
Birds of a feather flock together.