St. Eulogius — Martyr March 11

As head of the ecclesiastical school at Cordove, St. Eulogius won the hearts of all by his humility, mildness, and charity. Seized by Moors, he was thrown into prison and beheaded for his faith.

Loosened from the fleshly chain

Which detained thee here of old,

Loose us from the bonds of sin,

From the fetters of the world.

— Lauds, Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
Our merit, and the advancement of our state, consists not in the having of many sweetnesses and consolations; but rather in bearing great afflictions and tribulations.
While this martyr was being led out to execution, one of the guards struck him a blow on his face. At once Eulogius turned the other cheek to receive another blow.
Trying to get even is a mark of savagery; do you do it? Watch yourself today or the next time somebody does what seems to you an injustice to you.
An offense was intended or it was not; if it was, you lower yourself to get even; if it was not, forget it.