St. Euphrasia — Virgin March 13

St. Euphrasia dedicated her life to God in the convent at the age of 7. When she became of age she ordered her vast estate to be sold and divided among the poor. In order to overcome temptation she often performed painful penitential labor, as sometimes to carry heavy stones from one place to another.

The Lord is the King of virgins. O come, let us worship Him. — Matins, Invitatory

The Imitation of Christ
O sacred state of religious servitude, which maketh men equal to angels, pleasing to God, terrible to the devils, and commendable to all the faithful.
This little saint wanted to be in a convent from the time she was 7 years old. Her mother lived near a large convent and Euphrasia was allowed to live with the Sisters. She became a great saint, doing the humblest tasks, and feeling, as she should have, that her least service was service in the immediate house of God.
There will come a time when you no longer have a mother or father whom you can assist; then you will regret the many opportunities you missed when you might have lightened their burden. Do all you can for them now, even before they ask you. See with your eyes.

I love you, mother, said little John

And, forgetting work, his cap went on,

And he was out in the garden swing

Leaving his mother the wood to bring.