St. Eusebius of Vercelli — Bishop and Martyr December 16

Though this saint did not actually shed his blood for the faith, he suffered so intensely in defense of the purity of religious teaching that he is given the honor reserved for martyrs.

He was sent to Bethsan in the Holy Land, suffering hunger, thirst, stripes, and all manner of violence, but for the faith’s sake he despised this life, and feared not death, but freely delivered his body to the tormentors. — Matins, Fifth Lesson

The Imitation of Christ
If thou wouldst persevere dutifully and advance, look on thyself as an exile and a pilgrim upon the earth.
This man is classed a martyr and he did not even die for his faith, though he suffered much and would have died, had his persecutors been able more easily to accomplish that feat.
You see how very much depends upon one’s intentions. God looks upon our will and not upon our actual accomplishment. If you become the head of a company then go bankrupt, you are a failure, before men. If you are willing to die for your Faith, actually willing, God gives you a martyr’s crown, whether you actually give your life so or not. See the difference in working for God?
Not what we do, but why.