St. Felix May 30

This saint commanded Masses to be said over the tombs of martyrs, and it is in remembrance of this prescription that the relics of martyrs are placed in a small cavity of the altar stone. He was martyred under the persecution of Aurelian.

Thou hast loosed my bond, I will offer to Thee the sacrifice of Thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the Lord. — Vespers, 115

The Imitation of Christ
Thou art my glory, Thou art the exultation of my heart.
St. Felix is the Pope who first ordered the celebration of Mass over the tombs of the martyrs. From that time the custom of having some relics in the altar stone began as well.
Find out today from your pastor what relics are in the altar stone of your church; then, look up the life of that saint. Perhaps it is one whom you already know about.
The bodies of the saints are in the hands of God.