St. Finbarr — Bishop September 25

This saint built a school at Lough Eire which formed the nucleus of the city of Cork. He was bishop of Cork seventeen years and distinguished himself by his love for the poor.

O Priest and Bishop, thou worker of all virtue, good shepherd of thy people, pray unto the Lord for us. — Antiphon at the Magnificat

The Imitation of Christ
For Thou, O God, hast chosen the poor and the humble, and those that are despised by this world, for Thy familiar friends and domestics.
This saint did nothing extraordinary. He was a bishop who went about administering confirmation, encouraging the building of schools, and doing a great many things for which he never received any credit. For instance, few people know that it was he who established the beginnings of the city of Cork. But that makes little difference. He did establish the city; God knew it and, after all, God is the only One Who makes a real recompense to anybody.
Don’t lose time worrying that the world does not appreciate you. The world is not big enough to appreciate genuine worth, anyway, which may be the reason for your being neglected. Anyway, you are working for heaven and for God, and you would not want some subaltern foreman to pay you with slugs when the Master Himself has told you to wait till He gives you — all of heaven for a few years of service.
And only the Master shall praise us, and only the Master shall blame. And no one shall work for glory, and no one shall work for fame, but just for the joy of the working — Kipling