St. Flavian — Bishop and Martyr February 17

The life of this bishop was a continuous struggle against heretics and heresies. In defense of the faith, St. Flavian suffered mental and physical torture. He sealed his faith with his blood.

By the virtue of thy prayer,

Let no evil hover nigh;

Sin’s contagion drive afar:

Waken drowsy lethargy.

The Imitation of Christ
Who, then, is the best off? Truly he that is able to suffer something for the love of God.
This saint could be very meek and mild when he was attacked personally; but when the teachings and the rights of the Church were concerned it was an entirely different matter, and the prestige and the power of the heretics made no difference to St. Flavian.
We speak of people like St. Flavian as persons who have the courage of their convictions. Resolve today to learn your history as well as possible, and whenever you have an opportunity read the Sunday Visitor through. It would be an excellent idea to make a scrapbook of clippings from the Sunday Visitor. You might even ask your teacher to inspect your scrapbook from time to time.
One of the best defenses of the Church today is a practical Catholic who knows his religion.