St. Francis Borgia — Confessor October 10

After providing for the settlement of his children, St. Francis entered the Society of Jesus, where despising all honors, he made a vow out of humility to refuse all dignities.

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who art both the reward and the pattern of true humility; we beseech Thee that, even as Thou madest blessed Francis follow gloriously in Thy footsteps by spurning earthly honors, so Thou wouldst suffer us also to become his companions alike in following Thee and in his glory. — Collect of Feast

The Imitation of Christ
It is vanity, therefore, to seek perishable riches and to trust in them. Vanity, also it is, to court honors and to lift up oneself on high.
Francis Borgia was a grandee of Spain. The sight of fhe transformation in the beautiful countenance of Queen Isabella by death brought home to him the vanity of earthly things and he resolved to leave the world and become a Religious.
If you say to yourself “I think I shall go out to the country to see the lovely leaves that are so wonderful this fall,” you will never go at all if you wait till the first week in December to see them. Why? Because your opportunity is gone. The leaves simply don’t wait. This account of St. Francis Borgia is meant to inspire you to set about being a saint. Be one today!
Today I begin. — Motto of St. Ignatius