St. Francis of Assissi — Confessor October 4

“The more the sublime enthusiast,” says Montalembert, “humbled himself and depreciated himself to make himself worthy by humility and men’s contempt to be the vessel of divine love, the more, by a wonderful effect of God’s grace, men rushed to follow him.”

Lo! Francis, he who was poor and lowly, enters, a rich man, into heaven: with their hymns the Angels give him welcome. Gradual of the Feast

The Imitation of Christ
Set thyself, then, like a good and faithful servant of Christ, to bear manfully the Cross of thy Lord, for the love of Him Who was crucified for thee.
We had one feast of this saint on the seventeenth of September, the Impression of the Five Wounds on his body. Today, we keep the Feast of St. Francis as founder of the Franciscan Order. He called his friars “Jokers of the Lord” and believed that if one was pleasing to God, he could always be happy. St. Francis called all things in nature brother or sister. All creatures made him think of God and seemed to exhort him to praise the Lord as they did.
If you are a live wire, bring a copy of St. Francis’ Hymn to the Sun to class and ask your teacher to read it. If you believe in “letting George do it,” you will miss one of those opportunities you were told the other day would never come your way again.
Sun and moon, bless the Lord! — Ps. Benedicite