St. Francis of Paula — Confessor April 2

When 13 years of age, St. Francis retired into the desert and led such a holy life that numerous disciples soon came to place themselves under his guidance. He then founded the order to which in his humility he gave the name of Minims, the least in the house of God.

In his words there was a wonderful charm; he kept his virginity always inviolate; he was so great a lover of lowliness that he used to call himself the least of all. — Second Nocturn: Fifth Lesson

The Imitation of Christ
O Lord, I have called upon Thee, and have desired to enjoy Thee, and am prepared to reject all things for Thy sake.
At the tender age of 13, St. Francis entered the desert to live a hermit’s life. It was not unusual in those days for young men to go into the desert when still quite young.
It is certainly unfair to think that we would begin serving God when we are old. Give to God your love from a young heart, serve Him with the enthusiasm only young people have. The Apostles whom our Lord chose were comparatively young men, all of them. Our Lord loves young people, because they are so awake to His wants, so eager to serve One Whom they love. Those who return His love are nearest Him, Get on the inside row!
As the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined. — Pope