St. Fulgentius — Bishop January 2

Persecuted by Arian heretics and scourged until his body was one bloody wound, this saint refused to revenge himself saying: “A Christian must not seek revenge in this world.” God took care of His own. St. Fulgentius was restored in his bishopric and ruled in peace to the end of his days.

O thou Priest and Bishop, thou worker of mighty works, thou good shepherd over God’s people, pray for us unto the Lord. — First Verspers: Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Write my words in thy heart, and think dilligently on them: for they will be very necessary for thee in the time of temptation.
In spite of the efforts made by his persecutors, you notice they could inhure neither his body nor his general disposition.
You are probably in the habit of making five or more resolutions which you will scarce remember next week. Make one, and let that be a resolve to spend the first fifteen minutes of each session, morning and afternoon, as nearly perfect in observance of duty as possible. If you are too weak to keep up for the remaining twenty-five minutes of the period what you began so courageously in the first fifteen, you are excusable, but weakness, as you know, is contemptible; that kind of weakness is.
But the just man is brave as the lion.