St. Gall — Abbot October 16

St. Gall was born in Ireland. As a young priest he left Ireland for England and then for the continent. He settled near Lake Constance where he converted many to the faith.

He asked life of Thee, and Thou hast given him length of days for ever and ever. — Gradual, Psalm 20

The Imitation of Christ
Thou knowest what is expedient to be given to each; and why this one hath less, and the other more, is not ours to decide, but Thine, with whom are determined the merits of each.
When you read of these heroic missionaries who left their own country to labor for God in a strange country, you probably feel fired to do something heroic too. To observe silence, for instance, at proper times, to study a lesson you dislike, to eat a bit less of something at table that you like very much; to do these things without letting anybody notice, is heroic.
Try any one of the things noted in the paragraph above and see if the effort hurts. Notice, too, what a comfortable feeling it gives you tonight if you will have been faithful to the practice all day.
Sacrifice is the measure of love. — Benson