St. Gatian — Bishop December 18

The Gauls among whom St. Gatian worked were extremely addicted to the worship of idols. St. Gatian was tireless in his efforts to convert them. Of caves he improvised chapels in which he said Mass and administered the Sacraments.

This is the faithful and wise steward, whom the Lord setteth over His family; to give them their measure of wheat in due season. — Communion, Luke 12

The Imitation of Christ
For the just man will not be troubled, whatever happeneth to him from God.
Second Great Antiphon: Adonai, and leader of the house of Israel, who didst appear to Moses in the flame of the burning bush, and didst give unto him the law on Sinai: come and with an outstretched arm redeem us.
Note how these holy men prayed and sighed for a Leader for the house of Israel. That Leader has come and, in spite of the four thousand years they waited, He chose rather to come at a time when you are living, and to live right next door to you, as it were.
No nation has its gods so nigh as our God is nigh unto us.