St. Goar — Priest July 6

St. Goar was a holy priest who brought many to Christ by his preaching and by his example. Wishing to serve God entirely unknown to the world he shut himself in a cell. His reputation for sanctity drew crowds who came to seek inspiration and advice

The mouth of the just shall mediate wisdom, and his tongue shall speak judgment: The law of his God is in his heart. — Introit

The Imitation of Christ
If thou wilt be My disciple, deny thyself. If thou wilt possess a blessed life, despise this present life.
St. Goar attracted many to Christ as an active missionary. Many more came to him after he had retired to his solitary cell. We often do more for our neighbor by silent, prayerful good example than by argument and force.
Don’t argue, or contradict anyone today. Instead of attempting to bring people to your way of thinking by eloquence, try prayer.
The voice of the Lord is not in the whirlwind.