St. Gregory Nazianzen May 9

On account of the extraordinary depth of sacred learning which this saint had acquired, he is called “the Divine.” He and St. Basil were great friends. He was a graceful poet, a preacher at once eloquent and solid.

He was one of the latest champions of the doctrine that the Son is of one substance with the Father. No one has ever won greater praise for goodness of life, neither was any man more earnest in prayer.

The Imitation of Christ
He attributeth nothing of good to any man, but referreth it all to God, from Whom, as from a fountain, all things proceed, and in Whom, as in their end, all the saints repose in fruition.
St. Gregory was a Father of the Church, a great friend of St. Basil. It is said of them that they knew only two paths, one to church and one to school.
These two saints had an influence for good upon each other. So have you an influence upon those with whom you spend much time. What is your influence? Are your friends better or worse for their association with you?
Birds of a feather flock together.