St. Gregory the Great March 12

St. Gregory gave his wealth to the poor, turned his home into a monastery and became a perfect monk. Elected successively abbot, cardinal, and supreme pontiff, he was one of the greatest Popes the Church has ever had. He is one of the four great Latin Fathers.

He was the author of many books, and Peter the Deacon declareth that he often saw the Holy Ghost in the form of a dove when he was dictating them. It is a marvel how much he spoke, did, wrote, and legislated, suffering all the while from a weak and sickly body. He worked many miracles. — Lect. vi. Matins

The Imitation of Christ
He doth much who loveth much. He doth much who doth well what he hath to do.
Member of a saintly family, Father of the Church, a brilliant student, this saint seems to have had all the advantages that help toward starting out right in life, but you know from the example of many saints that it depends on one’s good will much more than on heredity and environment.
Count your blessings. Thank God you are a Catholic, that you have an opportunity to attend a Catholic school, that you were born after the time our Lord lived on earth, that you are not blind, that you can walk.
Thou hast blessed us, Lord, far beyond our deserts.