St. Gregory VII — Pope May 25

Probably no Pope since the time of the Apostles undertook more labors for the Church or fought more courageously for her independence than Pope Gregory VII. While he was saying Mass a dove was seen to come down on him. The Holy Ghost thereby bore witness of the supernatural views that guided him in the government of the Church.

When His holy one called, the Lord heard him, yea, the Lord heard him and gave him peace. — Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Bless and sanctify my soul with heavenly benediction that it may be made Thy holy habitation and the seat of Thy eternal glory; and let nothing be found in the Temple of Thy divinity that may offend the eyes of Thy Majesty.
This Pope lived a life of martyrdom on account of the constant battling with princes who encroached on the rights of the Church. Though he might have won the friendship of these princes by giving in, he remained steadfast in what he knew to be right.
You may be called a “dead one” and other names for not doing all that the crowd does, or because you obey the rules your parents set down for you; but, do not mind. Even a dead fish may swim downstream; it takes a very live one to struggle against the current.
Run not always with the herd.