St. Hyacinth — Confessor August 17

St. Hyacinth was the glorious apostle of Russia and Poland. His wonderful success in converting the pagan people of these countries he ascribed to the Mother of God for whom he had a tender devotion.

The Lord loved and adorned him: He clothed him with a robe of glory. — Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
In everything attend to thyself what thou art doing, and what thou art saying; direct thy whole attention to this, that thou mayst please Me alone, and neither desire nor seek anything out of Me.
When St. Hyacinth was at Kiev, the Tartars sacked the town. He was just finishing Mass when he heard of the danger. Without stopping to unvest he took the ciborium and was leaving the church. As he passed a statue of the Blessed Virgin a voice said: “Hyacinth, why dost thou leave me behind?” The statue was of heavy alabaster but when Hyacinth took it in his arms it was as light as a reed.
If someone in authority asked you to do a thing which to you seemed beyond your strength, would you proceed to do as you were told or would you make excuses? Willing obedience makes light reeds of heavy statues.
The obedient man shall speak of victories.