St. Ignatius of Loyola — Confessor July 31

St. Ignatius was born in northern Spain. His ardent and martial nature caused him to choose a military career. Wounded at the siege of Pampeluna, he was confined to the hospital for a long time. In the absence of books of chivalry for which he had a passion, he was given the Life of Christ and His Saints. This was but the beginning of his life of sanctity and service for God and His Church.

I am come to send fire upon the earth, and what will I but that it be kindled. — Communion

The Imitation of Christ
Happy are they who penetrate into internal things, and endeavor to prepare themselves more and more by daily exercise for the receiving of heavenly secrets.
After his conversion St. Ignatius laid his sword at the feet of the Blessed Virgin and his generous soul, once so eager for earthly glory, now longed only for the greater glory of the King Whom he henceforth served so well.
Don’t do anything today except for the glory of God.
All for the greater glory of God.