St. Irenaeus — Bishop and Martyr June 28

This saint was a pupil of St. Polycarp. He had the deepest veneration for his holy teacher. He listened to his instructions with an insatiable ardor, and so deeply did he engrave them on his heart that the impressions remained even unto his old age.

Stand in the multitude of the prudent priests, and from thy heart join thyself to their wisdom, that thou mayest hear every discourse of God. — Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
With good reason oughtest thou willingly to suffer for Christ, since many suffer great things for the world.
St. Irenaeus was a bishop of the early ages who gave his life for Christ. He was a learned man and had written several treatises in defense of the Church.
As the beautiful month of June runs to its end, we learn more and more of what others have done to return the love of Christ. Have you as much love; as much courage?
No love but Thine can fill my heart, and I would burn with love of Thee.