St. Jerome Aemilian — Confessor July 20

In early life St. Jerome Aemilian was a soldier. While bravely defending his post he was made a prisoner. In his dungeon he called upon the Mother of God for help and promised to lead a better life. Our Lady appeared to him and set him free. He kept his promise, devoted himself to deserted orphan children and to the unfortunate. He became the founder of the Clerks Regular

He hath given to the poor; his justice remaineth forever. — Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
Love is circumspect, humble, upright; not soft, not light, not intent on vain things; is sober, chaste, steadfast, quiet, and keepeth a guard over all the senses.
In distress, St. Jerome made a promise. Not content with fulfilling the mere letter of the promise, he did much more than he had promised. Have you ever prayed real hard for something you wanted very much, and then, when you got it, promptly forgot to say, “Thank you, God”?
Be grateful to God even for small favors. We don’t like to be considered rude by our fellow men, but are we always polite to God?
A grateful soul pleaseth the Lord.