St. Jerome — Priest, Confessor and Doctor September 30

This saint spent many years of his life in Bethlehem. He translated the Bible from Hebrew to Latin. Because of his learning and sanctity he has been called a Doctor of the Church.

God, Who for the expounding of Holy Scripture, didst raise up in Thy Church the great and holy doctor, Jerome, grant, we beseech Thee, that, helped by Thy grace we may put in practice what he has taught us both by word and by work. — Collect of the Feast

The Imitation of Christ
If thou didst know the whole Bible outwardly, and the sayings of all the philosophers, what would it all profit thee without charity and the grace of God?
A brilliant Latin student, St. Jerome turned all his ability to the translation of the Holy Scriptures. Not any accomplishment you will ever have, need ever stand in your way to sanctity. Indeed, if you use your talent as God intends, everything will be an aid to increasing God’s pleasure in your soul.
Look back over the month. It is over now. What you have gained by way of self-mastery is yours forever. What you have lost, you must regain. Resolve today to spend October, a day at a time, as nearly in conformity with the suggestions on the bulletin as you can.
Let the dead past bury its dead. — Longfellow