St. Joachim — Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary August 16

St. Joachim was our Lord’s grandfather. We need know no more about him to know how great a saint the dear old man was.

O Joachim, spouse of holy Anne, father of the kindly Virgin help thy servants to save their souls. — Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
Nothing, therefore, ought to give so great a joy to one that loveth Thee and knoweth Thy benefits as the accomplishment of Thy will in himself, and the good pleasure of Thy eternal appointments.
How near to our Lord and His Blessed Mother St. Joachim must be in heaven, and what a sense of possession he must feel toward our Lord.
If Jesus is our elder brother, than St. Joachim is our grandfather too. Commend to St. Joachim the one thing necessary, the salvation of your soul.
But one thing is necessary.