St. John Cantius — Confessor October 20

St. John was a graduate of the University of Cracow where he received all the academical degrees. He taught several years at this university. Generously he shared his meals and the contents of his wardrobe with the poor. He is especially invoked in cases of consumption.

The compassion of man is toward his neighbor; but the mercy of God is upon all flesh. — Ecclesiasticus 18, Introit

The Imitation of Christ
The more thou knowest, and the better, so much heavier will thy judgment therefore be, unless thy life be also holy.
A university man, who taught at the university during the day, he went about among the poor at night and tried to aid them in every way.
Very small minds easily get “stuck up” when they think they have a little more education than those among whom they live. That is because it takes so very little to fill such minds to running over. If you want to do any real good in the world, you must first make people like you; but nobody likes a person who assumes superiority. Watch your thinking today and find if ever you think “Dear me, I’m glad I am not like so-and-so.”
He that exalteth himself shall be humbled. — Our Lord