St. John of God March 8

This saint was rather wild until he was 40. Then filled with remorse he made amends by selling holy pictures and books at a low price, by ministering to the sick, by working and begging for the poor. In a vision our Lord told him how acceptable his work was.

O God, Who didst cause blessed John, when burning with love for Thee, to walk unscathed through flames, and Who didst by his means enrich Thy Church with a new religious order: grant, that his merits pleading in our behalf, our evil passions may, to the everlasting healing of our souls, be burned up in the lire of our love of Thee. — Collect

The Imitation of Christ
He that hath true and perfect charity seeketh himself in nothing, but only desireth God to be glorified in all things.
John was rather advanced in years when he felt the call of God; but when he heard the call, he went home, sold his goods, entered the religious order, and became a saint. There was dispatch in his method of doing things.
If you are going to be a saint some day; if you are going to begin to spend a good Lent next week; if you are going to make up your mind tomorrow, you will never be any greater saint than you are now, perhaps less so. Do it now.
Today I begin. — St. Ignatius