St. John of Matha February 8

At St. John’s first Mass an angel appeared, dressed in white, with a red and blue cross on his breast, and his hands reposing on the heads of a Christian and a Moorish captive. In company with St. Felix of Valois, he founded the Order of the Holy Trinity for the rescue of captives.

Those that he planted in the house of the Lord, shall flourish in the courts of the house of our God.

The Imitation of Christ
Son, thou oughtst not be turned back, nor presently cast down, when thou hearest what is the way of the perfect; but be drawn the more onwards toward its lofty heights, or at least aspire ardently for their attainment.
By a vision God called this saint to the service and salvation of Christian captives. Through an angel, he was asked to take up this work. God calls you to the same service, not as extensively as St. John, of course, but He calls you just the same through this Bulletin.
If there is not existing an organization to aid the Missions at your school, perhaps you could do something by way of asking to have one organized. While waiting for developments, look up in America the name of a destitute mission and send them something that means personal sacrifice to you and an advantage to them.
Cloth the naked; feed the hungy; instruct the ignorant. — Works of Mercy