St. John the Baptist June 24

The birth of St. John was foretold by an angel of the Lord to his father, Zachary, who was offering incense in the temple. It was the office of St. John to prepare the way for Christ. Christ Himself pronounced the panegyric of the saint in the words: “Verily I say unto you, among those that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist.”

Greatest of Prophets, messenger appointed

Paths for thy Lord and Savior to prepare,

O for a tongue unsoiled, thy praise and wonders

Meet to declare!

— Vespers, Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
If thou wilt not suffer, thou refusest to be crowned; but if thou desirest to be crowned, fight manfully, and endure patiently.
This is the great patron of the French. And, what a splendid man he was!
Read the Gospel of St. Matthew and notice St. John’s straightforward manner of telling people what is what. There is no mincing of matters; St. John believed that if persons were worth while they would appreciate knowing what to do; if they were not worth while, telling them the right thing would not harm.
Speak the truth, ‘tis better far.