St. John the Silent May 13

In order to shun sins of the tongue this saint spoke seldom and then only with moderation and great discretion. One night after he had been consecrated Archbishop he received a divine inspiration to enter the seclusion of a monastery. There he lived unknown, fetching water, carrying stones, and doing other menial work.

The Lord guided the just in right paths and showed him the kingdom of God. — Lauds, Verse and Answer

The Imitation of Christ
If thou wilt withdraw from superfluous talking, and idle visitings, and from hearing new things and rumors, thou wilt find sufficient and proper time to spend in meditation.
St. John was born of a noble family; but the legend goes on to say “he derived from his parents a much more illustrious nobility than that of their pedigree.” If you are tempted to regret that your parents are not descendants of this general, of that secretary of state, or this other president of the richest department store in the world, say with our own former President Jackson “My parents were honest folks; I’d rather be their son than be the son of some rich villain who could trace his ancestry back to the flood.”
Appreciate your parents. You need not tell them how very much you love them, etc. But you should make them feel that after God, you know they are your dearest friends in all the world, and that you know they are the finest parents any boy or girl could have.
How dear to my heart are the scenes of my childhood when fond recollection presents them to view.