St. John — Apostle and Evangelist December 27

St. John was the favorite of our Lord because he was clean of heart. He was thrown by Domitian into a caldron of boiling oil, for which reason he is reckoned a martyr, though miraculously preserved from hurt.

Greatly to be honored is John, who leaned on the Lord’s breast at Supper. — Versicle, Second Vespers

The Imitation of Christ
Write, read, sing, lament, keep silence, pray, bear adversities manfully, eternal life is worth all these and greater combats.
St. John had the great privilege of caring for the Blessed Virgin after our Lord’s ascension. He is the disciple of Love. There was one sermon he preached over and over again: My little children, let us love one another.
We do well to let St. John preach to us today. The great lesson of his life: Purity; and the lesson of his sermon: Fraternal charity.
My little children, let us love one another.