St. Joseph Calasanctius — Confessor August 27

St. Joseph Calasanctius showed his love for children by founding in their behalf the Order of the Clerks Regular of the Christian Schools. No sacrifice was too great for him when there was question of doing something for children.

Come, children, hearken to me. I will teach you the fear of the Lord. — Introit

The Imitation of Christ
The saints that are the highest in the sight of God are the least in their own eyes; and the more glorious they are, the more humble they are in themselves.
After St. Joseph had spent his life for others he was accused to the Holy Office by some of his own subjects. At the age of 86 he was led through the streets to prison. With perfect resignation and trust in God that all would be well with him and his order he said: “My work was done soley for the love of God.”
Suppose you had been in St. Joseph Calasanctius’ place, what would you have done? Be courageous enough to admit a truthful answer to yourself. You will know how far advanced you are in the school of the Crucified.
To seek revenge is a sign of weakness.